Saturday, March 19, 2011

BeLLigundi-Dream came true

You may remember my promise to explore Belligundi water falls made almost one and a half years back. We had witnessed a huge water fall called BeLLigundi when we went to Booralugundi water falls.

Our team has decided to explore BeLLigundi that day. But for some reasons we could not make it.
Finally after postponing many dates we decided to go there on On Jan 11th.
We started early in the morning as the Water falls is hidden deep in the forests and this time we were sure that we have to trek hours together in the jungle. The starting point is almost 45 k.m. from my place Madodi. So we left here by 5.30 in the morning, had breakfast on the way, packed some food for the lunch. When we reached the starting point it was around 7.30 and it was very cold. We were total 7 in number. Raghavendra Udupa, naghabhushan, Manju, ganapathi, Dhakappa, Thimmappa and me. Dhakappa was our guide and he was the only person who knew the route.
It was very cold and we were in dilemma whether or not to carry our warm clothes as after some time we may not need them. Finally we left the place to start the trek at 7.45. After 45 minutes all of us who had carried jerkins started cursing ourselves as the weather started getting hot.
There is a temple at the beginning of the forest.
It was really a thick forest

If Dhakappa was not there we definitely would have lost in the forest.

After a few minutes I observed the route is not completely untouched by humans! There were clear signs of good road built a few years ago and now in decaying condition. This place is near Kanoor Kote  .  I asked Dakappa about the history of the place. He also knew little about it and he only told me that some years back it was the main route connecting Dakshin Kannada and his place.
The sides of the road were built with stones and upon them trees had grown. Some  trees look like at least 100 years old and I guess this road was used before the British constructed other roads to connect Dakshin Kannada with our place.
After around 3-4 k.m. of trek we reached near a stream. For my big surprise a tank made with single stone was there. May be it was made for the cart oxes to drink water. A small pipe like thing was also there by which humans can drink water. It was sure that this was one of the main road connecting two sides of the western ghats, may be couple of hundred years back.

We had snacks over there, filled our appetite and continued our trek. The last 2 k.m before the water falls was very tough. We had taken diversion from the old route. We had to descend at an inclination of     75degrees . It was not very easy for amateur trekkers like us. But when we reached the bottom of the falls we felt it was worth.
The falls was massive. As we expected it was around height (this is just our guess.). It is the one of the tallest falls in Karnataka. Most admirable thing about this falls it's "wilderness". There was hardly any sign of human activity. It was like a private falls specially constructed for us amidst the deep jungles of western ghats.

We had our lunch, took some rest and started to go back. Oh! It was very tough. The 75degree inclination was tougher than we imagined. It took one our more to reach the place where the stone tank was built. 
Finally when we came back near the jeep it was 5.00 in the evening and it was a experience of the life time.
Though all of us were tired we were all very happy. The trek in the forest is unforgettable.
As we still had time to go back we decided to see sun set at "Booralu Gundi". It was again 2+2 k.m. of trek. The sunset was very beautiful that day and we could see the sun setting in the Arabian sea.

From the photographic point of view it was not a good trip for me. I had to run with my friend who didn't had interest in  'just forest'. Also when we reached the water falls the light was very harsh and I just had the choice to make record shots.