Sunday, November 28, 2010


From the last a few days I am trying to make some minimalistic nature  images, especially kind of abstract images.

It is interesting to note that, majority of the nature photographers don't like abstract images. We are a little hesitant to 'look beyond the obvious'. Some time back I have posted an abstract image in a nature photography forum. The moderator has commented " Usually I don't like abstract images, but nice image." Not that it is right or wrong, but usually this is how we perceive nature.

 Some time back I was talking to one of the moderator of  CNP , Ashwini Kumar Bhat . He shared an interesting experience when they decide to start the forum. For one of his friend the name 'creative nature photography' itself was meaningless. "What is there to create in nature? You take what is there in nature. What is creative thing in it?"

Some one may ask "why do you choose specifically nature to make abstract images? When your intension is to 'show beyond the obvious' you can chose a wire instead of a creeper. Why nature photography?". The answer is simple. To me photography is not only the final product,i.e. photograph. But the whole process of making images is photography. The way I try to find forms, shapes, patterns, colors, through the view finder makes me gel with the nature. And this makes nature photography more interesting and fun.  Of course I like to try all kind of photography, but for this reason I like shoot more nature.

   In these images I tried to concentrate on lines and minimum colors. Though I have I titled it "impressions" these are not influenced by impressionism moment in fine art.


  1. very interesting set adithya. i found 2nd, 5th & the last most interesting. here you really don't need to say anything else, they are self-evident and 'beyond the obvious'!


  2. Thank you Nevilji, for visiting my blog and the comment.
    I have inserted one more image between 1st & 2nd.
    So you like 3rd, 6th and last.

  3. An amazing set of images Adithya. Kudos to your seeing and getting what you wanted to portray. The latter is never an easy task! :) Congrats on achieving it!

  4. Nice article and great images to accompany. Keep it up.